Ordination/Installation Pictures

Here are some pictures from my ordination/installation on July 22. [Thanks to Heather for the great job she did with them!  To see the best image, after you click on the thumbnail, click the magnifying glass. Any distortion is the fault of the electronic transmission, not Heather.]

Processional CrossThe Ordination (Rev. Dan Abrahams) trinity43.jpgtrinity11.jpgtrinity37.jpgtrinity49.jpg

Pastor Timothy Winterstein

6 responses to “Ordination/Installation Pictures

  • Rev. PTM


    May the Blessed and Holy Trinity, the one, true God, bless your ministry richly, and attend it with every grace and blessing.

    Cordially in Christ,
    Rev. Paul T. McCain

  • Eric Stancliff

    Tim, I’m glad to see you not only keeping your pen dipped in donkey-ink, but expanding to this site as well. Pace yourself, dear brother. ^¿^

    I took the liberty of printing the photo of all the fellow pastors from your ordination and posting it on the staff bulletin board here. Three Library alumni, all from the first cohort I ever hired. Makes me downright nostalgic. And a fine-looking bunch of servant leaders it is.

    Eric Stancliff
    Concordia Seminary Library

  • prwinterstein

    Thanks, Pr. McCain.

    Eric, thanks for the comment. The good thing about this blog is that I mostly cut and paste stuff I’ve already written.

    (Pr.) Tim Winterstein

  • Cap'n Catechism

    Neat! I wish I could have been there. I hope to see you soon.


  • Cap'n Catechism

    Sorry I missed it. Is that Dave Hinz?
    Cool. Tell him “we at St. Lucas send our greetings!”


  • Jon

    I just figured out the North Prairie Pastor was you! Great site, brother. And great pics from your ordination. Wish I could have been there. The Lord be with you.

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