How I Choose Hymns

If you attend Trinity or St. Paul’s, you may have sung (or tried to sing) a hymn (or three) with which you were not previously familiar. The likely reason for that is me. How do I choose hymns for Sunday? First, I focus on the theme of the day, which is usually the theme of the sermon. That means that I look at the words first. Second, I try to find hymns with that theme that I think will be familiar. Now, obviously this means that I choose hymns that are familiar to me. I have no way of knowing what hymns you sang before I got here. That is the purpose of this post. If you attend Trinity or St. Paul’s, please comment and write your 3, or 4, or 5 favorite hymns. That will help me to better gauge my hymn choices, and encourage congregational singing.

We will still sing new hymns, because how else could we learn them? But we’ll work on not slamming you with multiple new hymns per week. There are so many good hymns that have been written since 1941 (when The Lutheran Hymnal came out), and some good ones that predate TLH but which were not included in it, that it would be wrong not to use them. But this way we can work on learning them in a better way. Thanks.

Pastor Winterstein


2 responses to “How I Choose Hymns

  • Jennifer

    I am glad that Pastor Tim is good at reading his congregation… years ago we would have placed a card in hymn suggestion box, today on a blog. So here goes, I have my hymnal in front of me, the one I recieved when I was confirmed, it is different than the one in our pews but I can only surmise it is not that different… so I will only suggest titles, not page numbers.

    Crown Him with Many Crowns
    Lift High the Cross
    Have No Fear, Little Flock
    Earth and All Stars
    Praise to the Lord, The Almighty

    Thank you for the opportunity to contribute.

  • Johanna Unke

    I’m really a member in Crookston but I want to contribute. I like that you actually want congregational input! I like hymns!
    878 Abide With Me
    466 Christ is Arisen, Alleluia
    940 Holy God, We Praise Thy Name
    708 Lord, Thee I Love with all my Heart
    680 Thine the Amen Thine the Praise
    611 Chief of Sinners

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