Wednesday Night Bible Study

For our Wednesday night Bible study this week, we will be taking a closer look at what Lutherans have confessed and do confess about the Papacy.  This has recently been in the news and in the blogosphere because Republican presidential candidate (and Minnesota Representative of our district) Michelle Bachmann recently resigned her membership from a congregation of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.  In the media discussion, it was repeated that this Lutheran synod believes that “the pope is the anti-Christ.”  We will look at what the Scriptures and the Book of Concord (the Lutheran Confessions, to which every LCMS pastor and congregation subscribe unconditionally) have to say about the Papacy and anti-Christ.  Everyone is welcome at Trinity on Wednesday, July 27, at 7 pm.

Pr. Winterstein

Article from The Atlantic magazine.

LCMS member Mollie Hemingway on the controversy

The official WELS response, by her president

The Lutheran Confessions on the Papacy (Treatise on the Power and Primacy of the Pope) [the first 59 paragraphs are the important ones for our topic, but it is more than worthwhile to read the rest, since it directly influences how Lutherans view the pastoral Office]

You can Google other articles in the press.  Hope you can join us as we dig deeper into what we actually believe.


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