Bishop and Christian*, September 2011

“We all believe in one true God,/Who created earth and heaven,/The Father, who to us in love/Has the right of children given./He in soul and body feeds us;/All we need His hand provides us;/Through all snares and perils leads us,/Watching that no harm betide us./He cares for us by day and night;/All things are governed by His might. We all believe in Jesus Christ,/His own Son, our Lord, possessing/An equal God-head, throne, and might,/Source of every grace and blessing;/Born of Mary, virgin mother,/By the power of the Spirit,/Word made flesh, our elder brother;/That the lost might life inherit,/Was crucified for all our sin/And raised by God to life again. We all confess the Holy Ghost,/Who, in highest heaven dwelling/With God the Father and the Son,/Comforts us beyond all telling;/Who the Church, His own creation,/Keeps in unity of spirit./Here for forgiveness and salvation/Daily come through Jesus’ merit./All flesh shall rise, and we shall be/In bliss with God eternally” (LSB 954).

Luther’s hymn on the Creed is just a taste of the good things to come to us as we continue our study of the Small Catechism this fall, particularly the Apostles’ Creed. And Sunday morning/Thursday night Bible study is only one of the opportunities for you to hear and receive the Word of God to strengthen and keep you in the true Faith, centered in Jesus Christ.

In place of release time, Trinity will begin a new time on Wednesday nights that we are calling “Bringing Home the Faith.” Initially, this will be for families with children age two and older (although we foresee developing this time into something for all ages and generations). This will also include catechesis aiming at confirmation. Also for families, notice that on the back of the children’s “bulletins” there is an activity for families to do for each day of the week. If you need a pattern for personal Bible study, feel free to take the insert home. At the bottom of the front side, there are Scripture readings for each day of the week. Further, if you would like to have the insert for the coming Sunday, please ask me for a copy. It provides a good opportunity to read and digest the readings ahead of time. This can help you to hear them more deeply on Sunday morning, as well as bring questions or thoughts with you on Sunday which may be addressed in the sermon. (Even better, feel free to e-mail or mention those questions or thoughts to me during the week!)

In short, there are many opportunities for you to be fed, and the more you eat (unlike with physical food), the more you desire of God’s Word to you in Christ.

I pray that you will be able to take advantage not only of the weekly Divine Service or Service of the Word, but of some of the other possibilities for extending that time into your week and into your families.

Pr. Winterstein


*St. Augustine (354-430 AD), Bishop of Hippo in North Africa, said, “For you I am a bishop [overseer]; with you I am a Christian.”


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