About Books, Movies, and Music

Disclaimer: Some of the books, movies, and music to which I have linked below may not be suitable for all ages. Parents, be discerning. I believe that everything to which I have linked has value in one way or another for the Christian life. That value can obviously take different forms. Some of the items raise questions, but do not answer them. Some of the items answer questions. Some of them, especially the books, present descriptions of lives lived either with God or against Him. Understand that not all of them will be from a Christian perspective, but I have linked to them because I think they can make us think more deeply about our Faith, and make us ask questions of ourselves that we may not have asked before or maybe questions we may not have thought to ask. So take all the links with that in mind. You may not agree with my choices, but feel free to comment here about things like that.

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